A Brief Discussion on a Victory

Yes, it was “just” a paintball match (capture the flag). So? LOL


This is a rough map of the “battlefield”:
battlefield map

And this is the general plan of both sides (my team is red):
general plan

So my general plan was this:

  • Divide forces into three
  • 2/3s would advance through the flanks, to hold higher ground
  • remaining 1/3 to hold center
  • Flanking forces to provide support to center forces when able
  • Flanking force with initiative to capture flag would do so

Their general plan was this:

  • Pool bulk of forces through a center advance
  • Remaining forces to provide cover along the flanks (and defend the flag)

This was the first phase of the battle:
first phase

The center thrust was repulsed. Threat in the middle was eliminated. Distance of advance on the east side afforded a “chance” for a breakthrough, so the enemy tried to make for it on that side.

second phase

Breakthrough was NOT achieved on the east side in the central sector. Enemy defenses completely overrun by forces advancing along both flanks. The flag is captured, objective has been achieved, victory obtained.

Final positions:
final positions

If it isn’t “capture the flag”, it still doesn’t bode well for the blue team.

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